Premium IT Solutions


Al-Lynn Computer Services is able to provide several premium solutions, including disaster data recovery, locked system password bypass, and several others.

Should you need any of these services, to retrieve data that resides on a system that has “crashed”, or has been locked by an employee that you have had to suddenly let go, don’t despair, let us be your hero and save the day. Call us, and let us take a look at the system to see if we can help you.

In the case of a “locked system”, our access record exceeds a 99% success rate. Given our record, we can probably gain access to your system, without the need to reload everything from scratch, saving you time, AND money.

Our disaster data recovery fees are usually much less expensive than those of “the big boys”, so, before you spend upwards of several thousands of dollars to get that data back, let us take a crack at it, and see if we can retrieve the needed data. Many times, the data that is needed isn’t worth spending thousands, but it would be worth spending hundreds. Let us try and stretch your pocketbook to get the data you need.