Privacy Policy

Al-Lynn Computer Services's Privacy Policy requires that when we work on a client's computer, we do not '''ever''' divulge your identity to any other party, nor will we disclose the content found on your computer. We will only disclose what is found to the owner of the system, much on the order of the rules of HIPAA.

If you wish us to release any information about your system to anyone OTHER than to you, you will have to sign a release of information form either at the time the system is left with the technician, or at the time it is left with you, after all repairs have been affected on the computer. There will be no exceptions to this, in order to protect your information that is contained on the computer/laptop that we work on for you.

As a matter of course, if you bring us a computer to be traded, or sold to an individual at a later date that is different than the party that brought the computer in, the only things that will remain on the hard drive will be the version of the operating system that matches that of the sticker(if present) that came with the computer, and any '''original''' software disks that are left with the computer at the time or ordering repairs. We will also first erase the hard drive to the DOD (Department Of Defense) specifications, to be certain that none of your data could possibly be retrieved from the hard drive.