So David came to my rescue after my computer system finally crashed 2 days ago.
As most of my clients know.... It would randomly shut off for no reason especially
when I had clients sitting at my desk. Well it finally came to a head 2 days ago
when my graphics card went out and fried my motherboard. Thank goodness my hard
drive was intact. Now mind you I am in Conyers this gentleman is from
Douglasville... Not only did he drive all the way from Douglasville to come to my
office... He did this on a Saturday. He has literally spent all day making sure my
system is up and running before he leaves he has now been here for 10 hours. To
anybody that has any major computer emergencies I have attached his business card
in the photos. Give this man a call. He is absolutely fantastic. Not only did he
get me up and running on a Saturday He came to me when every other Tech said bring
me the computer Monday and leave it and I'll get to it as quickly as possible. I
didn't have to wait till Monday and all of ya'll drive me

Lynn Hotlanta, Hotlanta Signs